Who We Are

The Little Rescue

We are not just about rehoming animals.  We believe in supporting rescuers – mostly in Romania – as the problem they have with street animals is great.

Street dogs and cats

Some rescuers run their own sterilisation campaigns to help solve the dog and cat population problem and rescue as many strays as possible.  Usually unpaid individuals, they struggle to work, feed and keep safe as many dogs and cats as possible.  The Little Rescue helps to feed, foster and rehome as many unwanted animals as possible. We offer back-up to all the cats and dogs rehomed through us.  

Spread the word

We hope to educate people in the UK about the problems that Romania has with the over population of street animals and why.  It is an issue that dates back to the time when Ceaușescu was in power and many thousands of Romania’s villages were bulldozed and their residents (and domestic animals) were moved into so-called agrotechnical centres.  There was no space for the animals and they were left on the streets. Since April 2013 we have homed over 280 dogs into UK families.  We don’t have a kennel facility and all dogs who do not already have a family to go to go into a foster home while they wait to steal the hearts of their future adopters.  

The Little Rescue is passionate about saving as many souls as we can. Be they UK, Romanian or from anywhere else in Europe.